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Try at home - Brunch Toastie

Try at home - Brunch Toastie



2 large eggs

2 rashers of bacon (or swap out for sausages)

A handful of grated cheese (any will do)



Black pepper


2 slices of white or brown bread cut in half


Method - Makes two toasties


Start by cooking off your bacon or sausage whichever way you prefer


Whilst they are cooking we can get everything else ready, 

so beat your eggs in a small bowl and grate your cheese if not 

already grated and get yourself a plate thats about 1cm smaller 

that the frying pan you will be using to cook in.


Place your pan on a medium heat with a splash of olive oil.


Add half the eggs, then sprinkle some salt, pepper, paprika and parsley 

over the top and slowly cook like an omelette. When the top of 

the egg is almost cooked but no longer runny, place your 2 half-

slices of bread on top of the egg[s] side by side leaving a 1cm gap 

between them so they dont touch and give them a little press down. . 


Next place the plate upside down into the pan and use this to help 

you flip over the egg[s] and bread, try not to break the round shape of the omelette, 

and then slide this back into the pan so now your bread should be at the 

bottom touching the pan.Imagine where the slices of bread are underneath 

the egg and build your toastie adding sausage or bacon, cheese and 

any preferred sauce, onto one of the slices.


Now the clever part, fold the eggs from the sides of 

the pan over on top of your fillings and now lift the slice of bread 

without fillings over onto the very top so make the final toastie stage, 

Give it about 1-2 mins longer on each side just to make sure the cheese is melted.


Keep this toastie warm, while you repeat with the remaining ingredients.


Now serve up and enjoy.


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